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What environmental factors can affect impotence

What environmental factors can affect impotence

Patrick Flanagan

Impotence is one of the biggest problems faced by men and this holds true for men from all ages and races. It is tied deeply with our self-esteem and psychological well being, which makes it a key part of the overall good functioning of the human male. Most men are forced to face a challenge of their fitness as males at least once in their lives and it is very hard for the biggest part of those suffering from erectile dysfunctions to admit their problems and seek help. Studies show that an estimated 150 million men worldwide suffer from impotence and that less than 10 percent of them seek treatment.

The three major causes of impotence are physical, psychological and lifestyle. Although the physical and psychological factors are responsible for most cases of impotence, few people know that this dysfunction can be caused or worsened by certain lifestyle choices. There are cases when making certain positive changes in lifestyles helped men overcome impotence.

The biggest lifestyle-related causes of impotence are smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, drug abuse (especially cocaine, heroine, marijuana and steroids), extreme obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. This is why a decrease in the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs could go a long way toward improving your sexual performances. Also, regular exercising and diets are another great way of improving the sex life of overweight men and also boosting confidence by stimulating the production of testosterone.

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