Holistic Healing and environment

Jakub Filipek

Holistic Healing and environment

Right environment is very important for healing. And it means both physical conditions and psychic conditions. If you can not find, aford physical comfort than at least go for psychic one...I mean here people. Since the last one is the most important. On the physical side, right environment for healing will have proper degree of silence and right temperature. Good, fresh air will definitely be also of significance. It is not a coincidence that most meditation centers are placed outside big cities. Hidden in the nature they facilitate qualities seeked for inner healing. Places like that are the best since meditative energy adds up and after many years angels and higher forces have easier acces to the spirits coming back home. That's why in India there is this ancient tradition of living together in ashrams with purpose of realizing God. So environment is another important aspect of holistic healing and coming back Home.

Peace be with You :)

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About the author:

Jakub is student-teacher of Course in Miracles, author of 'Holy Instant' and friendly Spirit.