Schizandra And Lycium, The Chinese Herbal Answers To Our Toxic Environment

Juliette Pickup

For many years there has been an increase in the toxins in our environment and therefore the toxins that enter our bodies daily. As these toxins accumulate in the body, our systems are less and less capable of ridding themselves of these toxins, so our bodies, our minds as well our health begins to suffer and perform at lower and lower levels. There are herbs available that can help to counteract that terrible cycle, but each of them can provide you with a different range of benefits. While each of these chinese herbs can provide you with benefits, the potency of the benefits can vary. Combinations of herbs can help to provide benefits that are enhanced and one of the most beneficial combinations out of those currently available is Schizandra and Lycium Drops.

These herbal compounds are composed using the benefits of centuries of the amalgamated knowledge that has been accrued by generations and generations of venerable Chinese herbalists. The exact combinations of herbs and beneficial plant ingredients that are used are determined by the lengthy trials and tests that have been done by these practicing masters of the herbalism art. There are some herbs and beneficial plants that have been determined to provide the best beneficial results for your body when they are used on their own, with different parts of the plant or herb being used in conjunction with a few supporting herbs. Other herbs have been determined to produce their best and most potent benefits when they are used in conjunction with other primary or superior herbs. Two of these herbs are Schizandra and Lycium which are amalgamated and available in a liquid form.

Lycium has a range of different benefits for your body, your mind and your general health that can be accessed through consumption of this fruit. One of the main reasons why consuming this fruit can provide the entire body with widespread benefits is the fact that it can help to cleanse the blood. This helps to provide the body with blood that is more pure and therefore more capable of flushing out toxins. This fruit is also eaten for the support that it provides for the eyes and sight which can help prevent infections and diseases from attacking the eyes and can help to diminish the degradation in sight that everyone experiences.

Schizandra helps to increase the energy levels within a person's body and this helps to create a rise in that person's vitality, which in turn helps to provide strong overall benefits throughout the body and mind. The consumption of this herb is also encouraged for the mental support that it provides. This mental support can provide many benefits, which can include balancing the emotions and helping to augment and provide support for mental capabilities. This makes this herb especially useful in times of stress. This herb also helps to purify blood as well as help to flush toxins from the kidneys which can provide the entire body as well as your health with potent benefits.

The use of two such complementary herbs in one formulations helps to augment both of their beneficial effects so that they provide even greater benefits than when taken separately.

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