About Green Power Alternatives

By Dart Wooden

Frederick Bailes once said,

“Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave.

Whatever he chooses, mind will create and manifest.”

Green Power Alternatives is dedicated to given people information about alternatives for power. We use power everyday. Right now you are using power to run your computer as you read this. That cup of coffee sitting beside is only there because someone used power to create it.

The areas of power that Green Power Alternatives specialize in are electricity, temperature control and transportation. We strive to provide the average person information about these items to in order to give them the power to make wise choices about the source and use of power.

Electricity is the backbone of today’s developed world. Just think of how the world ground to a halt when the blackout occurred in the summer of 2003 on the east coast of America. Without electricity our computers stop, cash registers stop ringing, trucks don’t move and we don’t eat. We often see electricity as being a “clean” source of power. This can be very deceiving many electrical power sources create large volumes of air pollution, destroy miles and miles land or create toxic pollution. There are however many “clean” alternatives ranging from solar, biogas, biomass, wind and reduced usage.  

Temperature control, without this much of the world would be uninhabitable most of the year if not uninhabitable very unproductive. A quick drive in August in Death Valley or a visit to Whitehorse in January would be proof enough. Humans can survive in very narrow range of temperatures and is only comfortable in a much narrower range. For this reason a huge amount of energy is consumed each day just to keep humans comfortable and productive. Most of this energy is from some oil and gas base; natural gas, heat oil, coal or oil. As the price of oil climbs and the true cost of pollution is understood alternative sources such as geothermal, solar, biomass and biogas are becoming more and more attractive and feasible both to companies and individual households.

Since Henry Ford North Americans have had a love affair with their personal vehicles. Green Power Alternatives provides a wide range of information on how to run your current automobile more environmentally friendly to electric vehicles to more extreme transportation solutions.

If we all work together in making wise choices with regards to our source and use of power we will then be kings and not slaves. If we act like think like a devil and make the wrong choices we will be will become slaves to pollution, lack of natural resources, poor health and ultimately poverty.


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